Passion, Energy, Determination..

Above are some of the qualities that I hold dear, and are the driving forces that have allowed me to excel in my field, and experience the level of success that I currently share with my clients. Fitness & Yoga is my career, my hobby and my future. It changed my life and I am now having great pleasure in changing the lives of many others.

To achieve your own personal goals it takes hard work but the harder you work the quicker and greater the goal it is that you’ll achieve and with the support of myself, my clients not only achieve their goals but also gain knowledge and confidence while having a great time along the way. A speciality of mine is fat loss, I use the most current and innovative training techniques to achieve fat loss both short-term and long-term as well as giving my clients easy to understand and up to date nutritional advice that works.

Lisa has over 11 years experience in the fitness industry, in her early career Lisa worked as a full time Personal Trainer for a major corporate health club, progressing to personal training tutor and assessor. Lisa has studied with some of the best organisations in the fitness industry gaining a broad range of qualifications encompassing the latest information and training techniques from both the UK and the USA. Lisa is able to work with all levels of clients from professional athletes to first timers looking to gain a foundation from which to build a brighter future.

Lisa now runs her own business based in Oxford called ‘Life Changing Fitness’ offering Personal training and Sports Massage, she also runs 2 very successful Online programs: ‘Life Changing Fatloss Program‘ & ‘Life Changing De-Stress & Relaxation Program

Lisa teaches fitness classes around Oxford as well as a variety of different yoga classes.

Lisa also works as an Educator and is a well known Fitness Presenter teaching at many fitness events across the UK.

Lisa’s own personal training used to be very weight training focused achieving British Deadlift Champion in 2012 and then broke her own record again in 2013, due to going through a challenging experience in regards to her health she decided to stop this and connect a little deeper with what her and body and mind really required.

Lisa had taught fitness based yoga for 8+ years and loved it. In August 2014 she made the decision to explore the spiritual side of yoga more deeply and went to Los Angeles to complete her Ashtanga and Vinyasa Instructor Training.

‘My recent experience in LA has completely changed me, I have become calmer, less stressed and now treat my body with more care rather than constantly putting it through vigorous training, I am physically and mentally a different person, Yoga truly has changed my life for the better and I am loving this new journey’

Following this in April 2015 she decided to take her training up to 500 hours by completing another yoga course with Feeling Soul Good Yoga Academy, spending 5 weeks out in Bali.

She took the time to delve even deeper into the chakra system once again taking herself though another life changing experience.

Lisa has an infectious personality and gives off huge amounts of energy which keeps her clients and class participants coming back time and time again.