Life Changing Fat Loss Program

Life Changing 14 Day Online Fat Loss Programme

Life Changing Fat Loss Programme

Life Changing 14 Day Fat Loss Programme that will start you on the journey to a cleaner, leaner, fitter, more energetic YOU!

Have you been dieting on and off for years, lost weight then put all the weight back on PLUS MORE?

The Life Changing 14 day Fat Loss Programme isn’t a DIET, it’s a new way to live your life!

The online programme includes

  • 14 x 10 minute daily workouts that you can do at home
  • Daily videos and updates
  • Nutritional information and menu plan
  • Daily support and motivation



By combining cutting edge Fat Loss Strategies with the best 10 minute High Intensity Workouts you will make your body into a fat burning machine in only 14 days, wherever you are and whatever your schedule is.

The average weight and inch loss on the programme is 10lbs and 10inches!

My biggest loser so far lost 1 stone 1lb and 14 inches by following the 2 week plan. Since then she has kept the weight off by following the maintenance plan, now with a total loss of 2 stone and 22.5inches in just 3 months.

Here’s her story:

I had been in a very low place about my size and weight.

I was also due to go on a holiday of a lifetime to Bali and wasn’t in a good place.

I decided to step up my exercise routine, doing more circuits and cross fit training but still nothing changed. I was in denial about my food intake, which will become clear later on.

Although my clothes fitted me they were on the tight side. Lisa then told me about her fatloss plan and thought I could give it a go; it was only 2 weeks, which is a short time in the grand scheme of life. Little did I know the journey it would take me on.

It’s in my nature to give it my all and that I did and results were remarkable not only visually but also on the inside.

Once I got past the headaches and not feeling great (which was about 4 days) I turned a corner my whole attitude to food, portion sizes and the freedom I now feel. I realised I don’t need to snack between meals it was purely out of boredom.

It’s only been a few days since I finished the 2 weeks I haven’t felt the urge to introduced the foods (bread, crisps, potato) that made me bloated and low in energy.

Other positives that I wasn’t expecting was the great nights sleep I was having, no more hot sweats, my skins improving and my cellulite on my thighs has gone.

Lisa has been amazing throughout the whole process, offering words of encouragement all the way.

The Facebook group was another very important part of the process just having the support of the group, sharing our highs and lows and posting many, many questions that were all answered and more.

This was definitely the kick start I needed and will continue staying lean and eating clean.


At the end of the 14 day programme you will receive an extra 7 days with Lisa teaching you how to live the clean lifestyle, she will support you with your goals.

Included in this 7 days will be information on:

  • Eating Out the fat loss way
  • The best alcohol to drink
  • Supplements
  • The best exercise to BURN FAT
  • plus much more

To keep you on track and continue losing inches, improving your fitness and showing you how to live the fat loss lifestyle forever.

Life Changing Fat Loss Programme