Life Changing 14 Day Online

Fat Loss,

De-Stress & Relaxation


My NEXT programme begins Monday 29th February 2016

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Life Changing Fatloss De-Stress & Relaxation Programme

My Life Changing 14 Day Fatloss, De-stress & Relaxation Programme will start you on the journey to a cleaner, leaner, more relaxed, de-stressed and more energetic YOU!

This programme is a different take on my Life Changing Fatloss Programme, the clean eating programme is similar but the exercise is different. I will take you through a 10 minute yoga session, each day with a different focus : Full-Body Strength, Core Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Breath and Relaxation. I will also take you through 10 minute meditation sessions every evening with the focus being de-stressing your body and mind, connecting with your body and breath, loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. When your body is in a stressed out state which could be due to work, too much processed food, too much alcohol or caffeine,  lack of sleep, family problems etc you will find it hard to lose body fat and become healthier, when your mind is healthy your body will then follow. My aim of this programme is to create a happier, more confident, more loving and accepting and less stressed version of yourself. The Life Changing 14 day Fatloss, De-Stress and Relaxation Programme isn’t a a short-term fix, it’s a new way to live your life! The online programme includes:

  • 10 minute yoga and meditation sessions that can all be done at home
  • Daily videos and updates
  • Nutritional information and a menu plan
  • Daily support and motivation



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‘Lisa Cuerden’s Fat Loss,De-Stress & Relaxation program has worked for me on all three levels. For me this program was about making space in my life for me and is now the platform that I am using to change the stressed out me in to a happier, healthier and calmer me. The yoga is brilliant and combined with meditation has changed the way I cope with what the modern world throws at me. The food plan is easy to follow, packed full of great foods that make you feel happy and healthy while being extremely good for you body. On the program I lost initially 3.8kg and lost a total of 6 inches, alongside this I am happier, I sleep better and my stress levels are much improved. Lisa is a continual support and such a wonderful person that this literally shines from inside, what an inspiration! This program works so give it go, trust Lisa and be amazed at how much you can achieve.’

‘Dear Lisa,

I am writing to thank you for making me believe in myself again and having faith that I could complete this Life Changing program.

Your infectious zest for life and healthy living have been inspiring me for months now and the final nudge just days before the program opened helped me to put aside all the blockers that I could imagine and just go for it.

The first day was almost overwhelming and I would have easily quit but for the love and support being shared among the group. My family took a while to accept my choice but once onboard they were fully supportive.

 The motivational quotes posted almost daily allowed me to stop judging myself against others and my old value system. I put aside the feeling of being ‘the only father at the school gates’ and focused on finding the positive aspects of life. Thus was born Gordon Blah and my culinary capering. It is still me but I found a joy in the effort of cooking simply healthy foods and it has helped my wife as we can now share so many new healthy recipes.

 The biggest motivation for me in deciding to take on the course was the mixture of Yoga, healthy eating and meditation. Three areas which I was intrigued to experience within this program which felt like they had been put together with love and gentleness in mind.

One yoga lesson before the course began and I was blown away with how much freedom of movement and mind I experienced. This made me want to get up in the mornings and set my day fair with the daily yoga sessions.

Having adopted yoga and cleaner eating the next new experience was the meditation. Once I got over my false start and started performing a mindful meditation the elements of the program all fell into place and the real ease of stress and clarity of mind is an experience I do not intend to let go.

Once again an inspirational quote saved me from one of the symptoms of detoxing as one evening being so irritated I was not going to meditate but instead I decided to do a longer session. The shedding of all the negative emotions and thoughts returned me to a happier calmer place and restored my determination to make it through the course.

Amazing photos and support from within the group motivated me further. Being able to support others as well was such a rewarding experience in itself and reinforced the positive experience.I have never used Facebook more than in the last 2 weeks and I feel that has been because of the security of knowing that it was closed group and we were all going through the same experience.

 Thank you for inspiring my life changing experience and I truly believe anyone will achieve fantastic results under your guidance and support.

 Namaste ‘


Life Changing Fatloss De-Stress & Relaxation Programme