20 Things Lockdown is teaching me about Life and Myself

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  1. I need to hug and be hugged – human touch or actually any type of touch gives me energy, fills my heart and makes me feel safe  - until I got my gorgeous Cookie (my cat) which was only 3 weeks ago I went 3 weeks without touching, being touched or hugging anyone – that hasn’t happened in my entire life EVER , I literally felt like my heart was breaking. Due to the job I do and type of person I am I normally on average I hug and I mean properly hug at least 5+ people a day – thank goodness for Cookie hugs right now.
  2. I’m amazing at being alone – in fact I often choose to be alone even when we aren’t forced to be. I live alone, I often travel alone, I’ve been single for approximately forever ha ha and even when i’m surrounded by people as much as I love it I have to take time away from EVERYONE to be able to re-energise myself and fill myself up as I can often feel drained if I don’t get time out.
  3. Yoga and Meditation has to be a part of my life, it keeps me focused, happy and connected to who I am – without it my mental health suffers, I become very low and anxious.
  4. My purpose in life is to teach others to help them connect to themselves, create a sense of love for who they are and what they are about – I do this through teaching yoga and meditation – when I don’t teach I feel lost and unfulfilled as i’m not doing the thing that I was put on this universe to do. This may sound crazy but through the past 6 years of self-study and self discovery I have found my true purpose as to what I should be doing right now. This is why I created my home yoga studio so that I could continue to do this even if it is through a screen.
  5. I don’t actually hate running anymore – I used to despise it but now through not having much choice in what I do in regards to keeping my lungs fit and healthy I’m actually feeling truly grateful that I can do this form of exercise and begin to feel myself getting fitter plus it gives me an awesome endorphin buzz.
  6. I cannot live in a flat and feel free to live my life – my home is my sanctuary and I need to be free to do what I want and when I want – this includes teaching yoga, jumping about, handstanding etc – even in a flat I can feel the energy of those surrounding me and when that’s negative I feel very unsettled – I can’t wait to move and once again feel free.
  7. Before lockdown going for a walk wasn’t something I’d just choose to do unless I was with others – but now getting out into nature, being surrounded by trees and flowers, walking barefoot in the ground absolutely fills my soul – nature is magical.
  8. Coffee and Red Wine really are 2 of my favourite things – I knew this before but lockdown really has confirmed this for me.
  9. I am so blessed to have an incredibly close family and it feels like this last 6 weeks has brought us even closer – video calls, messages, checking in on each other continuously – I can’t wait for our first get together – it’s going to be extra special.
  10. Friends – I have got some incredibly close friends, this lockdown has brought me closer to people through regular video calls, continuous messages to me checking I’m ok – so grateful.
  11. When I set my mind to it I can be a technological genius – I’ve gone from teaching yoga to creating my own film studio – it did take me about 2 weeks of working 24/7 to work it all out though and I’m still learning.
  12. I need my Tori in my life, she is one of my closest friends supporting me daily on an emotional level plus she gives me support and confidence in my business and is definitely my business brain. I’d quite happily float through life hoping for the best then get frustrated when things don’t work out where as Tori keeps me grounded and planning and makes me look much more professional.
  13. I’m still not interested in cooking even when I have the time and energy to do it, I love eating good food just making it doesn’t get me excited. Thank goodness I can still get takeaway food from my favourite café.
  14. Tinder is still as terrible as it always was – I thought I’d take another little look while in lockdown and nope still the same
  15. Working 24/7 doesn’t make you more successful – maybe it improves your business short term but it can also make you tired, frustrated and the rest of your life will suffer, I refuse to go back to that place – I’ve caught myself a few times during lockdown getting caught in this trap.
  16. Easy watching TV is the best – it’s much more enjoyable when I put my phone down in another room and actually just watch it.
  17. Cleaning is therapeutic and I can actually be quite ocd about it - my cleaner would be shocked to read this.
  18. Working on myself is a continuous job, my struggles, my story show up powerfully when I have the time to let them – my need to control everything, not let people down, pretend I’ve got my shit sorted etc, I know full well when you step out of your own way, let go of control, allow yourself to be vulnerable and show up exactly as you are then life flows a lot easier in fact life is awesome when I do this – I just need to remind myself of this consistently.
  19. I need to say this mantra to myself everyday: I move through my day light hearted and carefree knowing all is well – this changes my mood straight away – thank you Deepak Chopra.
  20. I have an amazing life, I do a job I love, I have incredible family and friends, I have my gorgeous Cookie alongside me every day, I have my health, my physical body can do incredible things and I am a good person that lives and loves from my heart – because of this I will always be ok.