In line with public health advice, many face to face group yoga classes will stop running for a period of time.

Now, more than ever, finding the time to keep mentally and physically healthy is critical.

I’m in the privileged position to be able to bring you live Yoga workouts and meditation sessions on Facebook Live and uploaded to YouTube.

Keep an eye on either my Facebook business page or my Instagram for notifications on new classes.

I already have a collection of classes on YouTube which I will be building on.  Be sure to hit ‘subscribe’ so that you receive a notification of new on-line classes.

The classes will run anything between 30 minutes to an hour and I will also be offering meditations.

For more information see my Home Online Yoga page

Class Timetable and Bookings


Yoga 16.45-17.30 EF Language School

Vinyasa Freedom Flow 18.00-19.00 Headington Quarry Hall, 60 Quarry Road, Oxford, OX3 8NX - OPEN TO ALL - BOOK HERE


Yoga 08.00-08.45 Stanford University

Vinyasa Yoga 09.35-10.30 David Lloyd Oxford

Yoga for Staff 12.25-13.10 EF Language School


Yoga Conditioning 10.35-11.30 David Lloyd

Vinyasa Yoga 18.05-19.00 David Lloyd Oxford

Hot Yoga 19.15-20.30 David Lloyd Oxford - OPEN TO NON MEMBERS - BOOK HERE


Hot Yoga 10.40-11.55 David Lloyd Oxford - OPEN TO NON MEMBERS - BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Yin/Yang Flow 18.00-19.15 Horspath Hub, Horspath - OPEN TO ALL - BOOK HERE


Hot Yoga 06.45-08.00 David Lloyd Oxford - OPEN TO NON MEMBERS - BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Yoga 09.35-10.30 David Lloyd Oxford