YOUR. home yoga studio

Join me in YOUR. Home Yoga Studio with Lisa Cuerden

I am so thrilled to see our yoga community grow during this time and so honoured to be delivering daily yoga to your home.
The last few weeks has inspired me to take the yoga I deliver onto the next level and I’d love you to be part of it!

Please join me as a FOUNDER MEMBER in my brand new ‘YOUR. Home Yoga Studio’ with Lisa Cuerden.

Included in your founder membership ‘YOUR. Home Yoga Studio’ will be:

  • 5 ‘live’ yoga practices per week
  • Regular meditations
  • Library of yoga practices from 20 to 60 minutes
  • Daily support and motivation
  • Quick ‘learn a pose’ tutorials
  • Q&A session on Facebook Live
  • Guest Teachers offering a variety of classes from fitness to meditation
  • Discount to masterclasses

All for the founder member price of £16 for a 2-week rolling subscription with the ability to cancel anytime.
This will all be run through a private Face Book group.

My aim is to create a community... we come together, we practice yoga, we meditate, we laugh, we cry, we heal, we learn, we create something special together.
I miss seeing my yoga family, I know by creating ‘YOUR. Home Yoga Studio’ that it is going to be something new, different, exciting and maybe even better as more and more people have the chance to become a part of this community.
Not only I am offering yoga classes but I also have so many talented friends and presenters that will jump in the group offering a variety of different classes including HIIT, dance, pilates, bodyweight workouts to name just a few.

The membership will officially start from Monday 27 April but you are able to join as as a founder member from today, Friday 24 April.


If you have any questions at all please drop me an email or text.

I’m truly excited about this, you are going to love it!

Please stay in touch and connected to me and each other - we are all in this together and I am here to support you by helping you to continue to move your beautiful bodies and stay connected to your breath, heart and soul.

Thank you and stay well everyone. Supporting your well-being has never been so important.

Much love as always

Lisa xxx