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  1. I wanted to check in and see how you’re feeling right now?

    We now have a roadmap back into what will be our new norm – what is the first thing you will do that you couldn’t before?   What changes have you decided to make moving forward? I am so intrigued to know and would love to hear back from you.

    I’ve been in a whirlwind of emotions the past month partly due to the excitement, lack of sleep due to my new family addition  – the fabulous Denny (more on him shortly) but also, like everyone, I was feeling so ‘done’ with Covid.  The separation from family and friends and all the worry we have all been feeling.

    It's great that we can now we can see a light at the end of a very long tunnel and a challenging journey for most, we just need to hang in there a little bit longer and continue to support each other.

    In the last year I’ve learnt so much about business, myself, other people and personally there has been many positive things to come out of this experience but i know for so many this isn't the case and my heart goes to out to everyone who have lost people, have struggled and are currently still struggling - I feel you.

    So back to Denny (named after my Grandad Dennis my guide and shining light who passed away when I was 12) the challenge of a puppy – overnight I went from living a peaceful and serene existence with my Cookie (cat) to a complete life change, having this gorgeous little soul fully relying on me teaching him how to do everything.  It’s been a steep learning curve for us both!  Good times plus feelings of complete exasperation!

    I’ve spent much of my adult life needing to control EVERYTHING I do and felt like I’d done a lot of work on this and let go of being a complete control freak but little Denny taught me I still have huge amounts of work to do – you can’t control when a puppy is going to sleep, wee, poo, calm down etc etc  😉

    The time I can now spend in the safe place of my yoga mat has become more limited and special, helping put me in the shoes of others with their busy life’s of work, kids and family.

    My own personal yoga practices and teaching others is even more precious and oh my goodness do I need it, I have no idea how people cope without yoga and meditation in their life’s – it really is my saviour in the times of busyness, challenge, craziness, things out of my control plus all the good feelings like joy, love – my mat is the place that brings me back to myself to the present moment where nothing else matters.

    It’s my privilege to be able to help you and bring you live yoga sessions direct to you home.  Here is a 10 minute yoga flow for you to do. 10 MIN YOGA FLOW

    Join me on the mat this week, we have some great practices to look forward to.  If you are not already a member with me please let me give you a 7 day trial, see the link below.

    Lots of love to you,  

    Lisa xxx



  2. How are you coping this January?  I know January can be a tough month (even without Covid!) so I want to check in with you and make sure you’re ok.
    Since the start of January, I have been paying close attention (even more than usual) to my own mental and emotional wellbeing.
    At Christmas I took some time out from work, sat on my sofa a lot and stepped away from social media and the media ‘full stop’ – it was absolutely freeing!
    It made me realise the powerful affect that social media and the media has on mood, over the Christmas period I felt genuinely peaceful and happy, a feeling that is not always consistent for me.
    I’m very in touch with my emotions and feel everything so powerfully, my own stuff and other peoples – I love this as it means I can really connect with others and help them to heal, but it can also be challenging and exhausting at times.
    We have all been on an emotional rollercoaster over the last few months – days feeling happy and peaceful other days feeling anxious and down, sleep can be really affected too mine definitely has.
    By giving myself a break at Christmas, it was obvious I was exhausted after a challenging year, which was also (from a business side) a very positive one 😊

    I knew entering 2021 I needed to put some things in place to help me relax
    These things have been unbelievably powerful and I would like to share them as one or two or all them may resonate with you.
    Morning routine: Breathwork (approx. 15 minutes)
    Meditation (10-15 minutes)
    Journaling – Self Affirmations, Gratitudes, Manifestations, Intentions and how I feel
    Then I switch my phone on!!!! – very important point.
    Evening routine: All my apps are now on a timer and switch off at 8pm – including Instagram, Facebook and emails.
    I DO NOT WORK past 8pm at night and actually often leave my phone alone from 7.30pm.
    Guess what?   I’ve been sleeping better – obvious right?
    Since making all these changes consistently each day – I feel happier and more peaceful about 90% of the time – wowzer that’s a high percentage, it shocks me but this is honestly how I’m feeling even after just a few weeks.
    All these things I’ve known about but haven’t consistently put them into practice.
    This stuff works – trust me.

    I did a workshop last Friday evening on intention setting, manifesting, meditation and yoga flowing, talking about all of the above.  I was truly touched by the reaction and feedback I received from those that attended.

    "I did it live and it felt so amazing. I was inspired by your story and how intention setting has made such a difference in your life. I’ve been writing down an intention most days this week and already my mood feels boosted "

    "Re connecting with Lisa though her home yoga studio has completely changed my life. Her ‘intentions setting’ workshop was so inspiring.
    Lisa has a fantastic manner of making everything she says feel so relevant and achievable. I have taken EVERYTHING on board from this workshop. I felt instantly inspired and look forward to continuing my journey with a more positive outlook. Namaste "

    The workshop is available to purchase for just £10 -
    From when I launched ‘Your. Home Yoga Studio’ in the summer last year, I was unsure if my yoga community and practices would really feel as wonderful in an online space. But the overwhelming response has been 'yes'.
    “Being a member of YOUR home yoga studio has been a life-line during 2020. Lisa keeps us informed of the class timetable for the week. It’s great to be able to join a live class but equally it is really useful to be able to catch up when my own schedule allows.”
    “YOUR home yoga studio is great value and you never miss a class, all are available to take part in at a time to suit you. Lisa is an amazing teacher and always there for help and advise”

    “Doing yoga with Lisa is amazing. Its lovely to feel part of a community of people doing the same thing. The classes keep me fit, flexible, and I always feel better for doing them. There's a great variety so no chance to get bored, ever. “

    In fact, the community, the accessibility and the ability to build a sustainable practice is showing me how the magic of yoga can be created in our homes. 
    If you have any questions on any on the above please don’t hesitate to make contact.
    Sending you love and see you on your mat soon,