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  1. This year has been tough for us all and many lessons have been learnt from 2020; daily life as we know it had to change and the world around us feels pretty different.  As Christmas approaches and we think of gift-giving, I’ve been thinking  about how I can gift more consciously than ever this year. 

    I often feel we give gifts just for the sake of it, i'm lucky enough to be surrounded by people that really don't need more material possessions, I'm doing it different this year and giving gifts that really mean something as well as supporting local and smaller independent businesses and charities - especially as it's been tough for so many.

    I'm trying to avoid gifting physical, unsustainable goods which is then adding to the environmental overload.  How can I gift something that reflects what matters to me as well as giving happiness and love to my friends and family?


    This year has given us all an extra appreciation of our health. If you have a loved one who you think would enjoy the gift of yoga, I’m offering a special subscription for either 1, 3 or 6 month subscription to ‘YOUR. home yoga studio’ as well as massage and one to one yoga vouchers.


    By choosing a yoga or massage gift this year, you'll be supporting my small business and I will donate 10% of all subscriptions or gift vouchers bought in December to Oscars Wish Foundation - the incredible charity that has supported and continues to support my little sister and brother in law after the loss of their son in September.


    So, why not start your conscious gifting today and know that your choice will inspire and support someone for more than just the 25th December. Please see below for my gift options...


    Happy gifting!

  2. 'Connections'... a massive positive from this year.
    In a world where we are currently being forced to disconnect from other people through the form of touch, hugging and just general togetherness, my heart has seem to become even more open to allowing people and friendships in.
    I’m one of the huggiest people I know ;-) all my friends will tell you this, in fact not just friends... but anyone and everyone I meet!  I just want to reach out and hug people, this year obviously I’ve had to change that.
    What I have noticed is how many more close friends I have made this year.   I don’t mean just general friendships but people who really get me (and me them), people I can be 100% myself with but for some reason I haven’t always allowed this to happen prior.

    I’m not a person to have hundreds of friends, although social media might give you a different impression.  I’m incredibly happy in my own company and for that reason I think I’ve kept my heart quite closed to new and close friendships.
    I can count on one hand the people that I feel love me inside and out and  who I can be fully myself – the funny me, tired me, slightly drunk me, emotional me, party animal me, introverted, broken, spiritual me, – accepting no matter what part of me they are hanging out with.
    In the past 9 months those core people have still been there more than ever but I have also found even more of those special souls, I didn’t actually realise I’d closed myself off to close friendships until now – I think it’s got a lot to do with growth in myself but also the need for support here in Oxford.   I’ve let those people in and I am so happy I have, I feel very loved, accepted and cared for and all I needed to do was to open my heart.
    I’m sharing this with you for a couple of reasons.  Firstly to confirm to you that the journey of discovering ourselves is never ending and secondly PLEASE keep your heart wide open in a world where we are being encouraged to disconnect.
    Allow others to support you as you don’t need to do life alone, no-one wants you to be perfect, people just want realism and authenticity.