Returning back to "normal life"

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Many of us are taking tiny steps to return back to “normal” life, and the thing I am thinking about the most right now is what my next chapter will look like.

Like many of us, I have experienced a tremendous amount of change in my career over the past couple of months.

•           Yoga classes: Cancelled

•           Yoga 1 to 1: Not possible

•           Presenting at events: Not happening

Maybe you have experienced something like this too. It’s not a choice to reinvent yourself, sometimes life forces you to.  What a rollercoaster ride we’ve all been through and in fact continue to go through but also what an empowering life changing time if you allow it to be.

Not only a time for the earth to heal but also the time for us to connect to ourselves, take the time to heal our bodies, minds, souls remembering healing is not easy - we have to sometimes go into the challenging places to create healing and change which is not fun.

I want to also send out my deep love to those that have lost precious ones due to this pandemic my heart truly goes out to you.

I’ve had both an incredible time and an incredibly challenging time through lockdown – I’ve started an online studio which if I’m honest I’ve been trying to create more of an online platform for years to reach out to more and more people to give them the gift of yoga - this has been for me a fantastic experience.  It brings me joy each day to connect online to people I used to see nearly every day to those that I’ve met at events and retreats in the past as well as people I’ve never met in person. This community of people are a huge part of my life right now and give me purpose each day - this is not going to stop even post COVID.  ‘YOUR. Home Yoga Studio’ is here to stay!

I will go back as soon as I’m allowed to teach people in person as I love the connection and energy that a face to face class brings. Soon I’ll be able to run classes outside so if you’re Oxford based then keep an eye out for some pop-up classes in the Park, also if you’re one of my 1-1 clients or are interested in having 1-1s we can do that in your garden or in a park so please get in touch.

As I mentioned above its not all been fun and games - I’ve been challenged with my living situation, the loss of control of knowing what’s happening moving forward both in my personal life and business has caused some old demons to come back but it also made me realise how far I have come when facing these inner demons, how much healing I have done through yoga and meditation, all my teacher trainings and time away to connect to myself on a deeper level has showed me what a powerful impact these have had on my life and the person I am now.

I’ve heard from so many of my wonderful ‘YOUR. home yoga studio’ members encouraging me that what I’m doing is definitely the way forward and enjoyed.  I feel in a truly honoured position to be able to bring you yoga and meditation to your home.

Thank you for reading this. Let’s kick start out June together.

Sending Deep Love to you all

 Lisa x

 Hear what my lovely members have to say:

 “The main benefits to YOUR. home yoga studio are that I can continue to practice what I love with the person I most love doing it with. Being able to be a part of a group of lovely like minded group brings me joy.

It’s nice not to be so reliant on the gym visits , good to have another source to go to whenever or wherever.


“I love the flexibility of being able to practice with you either live or more often with me on catch up and the huge bank of meditations/practices that you provide.”


 “I love having the timetable for the week to help structure my days, as well as the flexibility to do the sessions at another time to fit around work. It's good doing a session knowing other people are on at the same time - the sense of community. And I love the variety - each class is different, and stretches me, and gives me more to aim for.


The flexibility of joining you live or being able to catch up works so well. Also, being able to practise online with a teacher I know and completely trust is amazing - there are lots of online platforms out there, but I love the way you teach and it works for my mind and body. I definitely continue with this an will combine it with gym so I could see you and friends in person”


 “I enjoy being able to practice with you, I wouldn’t be doing yoga as regularly if this space had not come along.”

Arrie Lawrence

“I’m doing more yoga which is always good but particularly enhanced as your practice is always varied & challenging - never one the same! I have since lockdown been doing more road cycling & yoga has really helped alleviate any back tightness.  A great teacher/ communicator & on top of that you have a beautiful cat! 🐈!”

Jacqui Bartlett