Let me tell you about a place where nothing else matters….

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I was teaching my 7am live class in my online studio this morning.
I got on my mat, took a deep breath and let all of my apprehension release, just for those few moments. 
More so than ever, the time on my yoga mat is when I truly become present – it’s like my mat is the place where I can really step right into my heart, the place where nothing else matters. 
When I was explaining to my class how much my mat is ‘a place to let go of what’s coming up, let go of what’s happening.  A place to really just be, it was like someone else was saying these words, and they were aimed at me as well as those practising with me.
I talk a lot about how powerful yoga can be if you allow it – of course it will make you physically stronger, tone your body, stretch and lengthen the body – these are all amazing benefits.  But really what yoga does for me (and it will for you too) is bring me back to myself, gives me a chance to turn the volume down on my busy mind and just be me.  Move my body with love, each time working on my own self-acceptance of my physical body and also self-acceptance of who I am as a person.  Not needing to change or dim my light for anyone or be more interesting, quieter, louder, funnier blah blah blah all these things that we think people want us to be.  When in reality all I want people to be is themselves, and all I want to be is me. 
I am here for you, to fully accept you as you are right now, not trying to make you different, more or less, smaller or bigger, stronger or more flexible.  All these things can happen if you want them to, but that’s not why I’m here for you.  
I’m here to hold space, to breathe with you, connect with you, laugh with you, cry with you, bring you joy but also help you to face up to and support you during these very trying times.
Allow yourself to be supported and guided into loving and supporting yourself. 
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Love as always, Lisa xxxx